Lakesong Music

Welcome to Lakesong Recording located in Bergslagen, Sweden and 50 km's north of Örebro or a 2 hpur drive from Stockholm!


The studio is an ideal place to record, rehearse or simply mix your music with no disturbance from the outside world,

beautiful scenery and a very quiet environment makes you focus on the process in the best way possible.


With a generous open space of 70m2 & 3m's to the ceiling you will be able to play and record live together for great acoustic and visual results, combined with a well-seasoned engineer and truly devoted musician/producer***


I also do on-location recording in churches etc, very high-end results w. only the best microphones like Thuresson CM-402 and preamps on the market, please don't hesitate to contact me for more info.


More technical details and info will be presented here in English soon...


Kristian Lakeson



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